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Welcome to information web http://www.jar.natlib.uz portal! Our information web a portal consists in expansion of opportunities of users and specialists of National library for fast search and use of information on-line scientific and educational, foreign electronic resources in open access and license resources of the leading world companies which are in reading rooms of library (on a desktop of the computer there is a Foreign Electronic Resources folder of 6 license and 30 resources of open access) and on the site of http://www.natlib.uz  library.

We provide the necessary infrastructure and an organizational framework necessary for maintenance and development of the trilingual projects and their separate sections and other undertakings serving this mission for support of our vigorous community. We try to issue clearly information of each educational and scientific foreign electronic resource. We are glad to welcome you as the reader, the researcher, the author, the specialist of libraries.


Convincingly we ask you to follow strictly instructions for use foreign electronic information resources access to which gets the National library of Uzbekistan named after A. Navoi. These rules are regulated by License Agreements which are signed by library, guaranteeing thereby observance of standards of copyright of intellectual property.

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