Digital Library

Internet access is one of the most important conditions of successful performance of the function of information support by library scientific and information productions today.

Electronic library — the ordered collection of the diverse electronic documents (including books, magazines) supplied with means of navigation and search. Can be the website where various texts (more often literary, but also scientific and any other gradually collect, up to computer programs) and media files, each of which is self-sufficient and can be at any time demanded by the reader.
With growth of number of users of computers and the Internet an increasing number of people starts using e-book readers. Many libraries started creating electronic versions of the books which are stored in their funds.
The special place among electronic libraries is taken by libraries of scientific and educational subject in which the editions necessary for implementation of educational process are collected. Use of electronic editions in higher educational institutions is often conducted on not absolutely legal grounds. However, this impartial fact testifies to interest of new generation in electronic data representation form. World experience shows that educational and scientific electronic resources are formed by usually owners or from their consent. The majority of them is acted on the commercial basis. The most striking examples of this approach are the largest publishing houses “Elsevier”, “Springer”.
Recently electronic scientific libraries of open access (open access), one of which first representatives of and Pub Med Central steel began to appear.

Here the type of information search in databases on some leading world information resources is presented.

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