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The section “For Authors” suggests to study information provided on this page which to scientists and education, undergraduates, graduate students, doctoral candidates, and also other persons who are engaged in scientific researches to publish articles reflecting results of the scientific researches which are carried out by you and to get acquainted with works of colleagues from the Russian Federation and the countries of the near and far abroad.

The author — physical the person which creative activity created work. The author (Latin auctor) — the creator of any literary, musical or any work of art and in general any work of the mind embodied by art. In addition, understand the founder of purely scientific works, and also any other texts as the author.

The first full-scale international agreement on protection of copyright — the Bern convention on protection literary and works of art, being so far one of the main sources of the international copyright — was signed on September 9, 1886. Victor Hugo was the main inspirer of creation of the Bern convention who did a huge preparatory work. Except copyright, there are allied rights and other rights of “intellectual property” which aren’t relating to the author.

Copyright was called as once not quite precisely intellectual property (proprietéd ’as intelligence), in Germany the imperial law 11iyunya 1870 of of this property appropriated the name Urhe berrecht. In Russia at the beginning of the XX century to this concept most there corresponded the literary property.

As well as in many countries of the world in Uzbekistan questions of copyright are regulated by the law “About Copyright and Allied Rights” (of 21.07.2006.).

Copyright – at creation of information infrastructure becomes more and more actual in process of creation of electronic scientific and educational and scientific and technical information resources. On the one hand we have to form actively electronic databases, with another to protect interests of authors. It is very important for stimulation of teachers, scientists and qualified professionals for representations of their valuable works in electronic databases.

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