Licenced information resources

National library of a named after A. Navoi gives opportunity for readers to use the license electronic resources available through a local network of library.

  • The full text electronic resources provided on the basis of license agreements are presented in the section. Access to them is possible only from reading rooms to library.
  • Use of resources is allowed only in the scientific and educational purposes.
  • Replication and commercial use of any materials is forbidden.
  • Unloading only of separate materials is allowed and their preservation is exclusive in the purposes stated above. References to the source are obligatory.
  • Unloading and preservation of issues of magazines and texts of books entirely is forbidden.
  • Violation of the specified requirements involves disconnection from access to resources.
  • Readers bear full responsibility for observance of license requirements, up to deprivation of a right of use of Library.

Now the library has 7 resources of license access provided to readers in a local network of library.