Library Press Display

Library Press Display the world’s largest online newspaper kiosk, where you can browse and read hundreds of full content premium newspapers and magazines from around the globe. The special program medium allows to read the newspaper in accuracy how it looks in a printed variant. Access is given exclusively to the hot, the archive of editions is stored in base only 60 days.

Large digital newspaper and magazine library. Full-page replicas of current print editions, including editorial content, graphics and advertising. Can have up to ninety days worth of back issues.

Library Press Display gives you same-day access to more than 3,000 newspapers and over 800 magazines from around the world. Enjoy full-page replicas with their traditional format and layout, including complete editorial content, graphics and advertising.

• photos, crosswords, cartoons, advertising, job vacancies and death notices appear just as they do in print versions.

• individual pages and single stories can be printed or emailed

• text-onlyoptionavailable

• up to 90 days of back issues depending on the newspaper and magazine

• newspapers and magazines are available in over 60 languages and can be translated into 8.

Library Press Displav is the full text database including 2200 names of newspapers and magazines which are published in 97 countries of the world in 54 languages. Access can be activated on IP-to addresses, through the Wi-fi network, or according to number of the library card.

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