“Kiberleninka”  – Scientific Electronic Library is built on the paradigm of open science (Open Science), whose main objectives is to promote science and research activities, public control of the quality of scientific publications, the development of interdisciplinary research institute of modern scientific review and increase the citation of Russian science.

“Kiberleninka” support the dissemination of knowledge on the model of open access (Open Access), providing free online access to scientific publications in electronic form, which, depending on agreements with the copyright holder placed under the license Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY).

The library is equipped with scientific articles published in magazines in Russia and abroad, including scientific journals included in the list of HAC RF leading scientific publishers to publish the results of dissertation research.

Scientific texts presented in the library, are placed on the Internet for free, in the public domain and can be found as using popular search engines, as well as through a system of full-text scientific research with the support of Russian morphology on the library website.

Library users are given the opportunity to read scientific papers from the screen of the tablet, mobile phone and other advanced mobile devices. The library 497 596 scientific articles, 1 500 000 unique visitors per month.

Web site “Kiberleninka”: