WDL (World Digital Library)

World Digital Library (WDL) offers free access to the Internet in a multilingual format to a large number of materials representing the cultures of different countries.

The main objectives of the WDL:

  • Promote international and intercultural understanding.
  • Expansion of the scope and diversity of cultural content on the Internet.
  • Provide resources for educators, scholars and all interested parties.
  • Enhanced capacity of partner institutions in order to reduce the digital divide within and between countries.

WDL partners are mainly libraries, archives and other institutions holding collections, the content of which is cultural value, and that they provide the WDL.

Among the partners and institutions, foundations and private companies that make various contributions to the project, for example, through the provision of technology, organization or sponsoring meetings of working groups or providing financial support to the project.

Web site World Digital Library (WDL):  http://www.wdl.org/ru/