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Oxford Dictionaries.com– this your destination when you need the language management when you have to know value or a pronunciation of the word or how to translate it into other language and correctly to use it. It is your first reference point and your reference book on language today.

Language questions – in the Oxford Dictionaries seek to bring you benefit of all language expert knowledge to help you to connect to your world.

English definitions and synonyms are  – a check of a word meaning or its stay, that is as the word is correct to tell ispolzovat that is part of daily work, research and game. Oxford provides hundreds of thousands definitions, synonyms, antonyms and pronunciations for English around the world received from language researches and an expert assessment. Also the unique set of examples of real use of language that you could be sure that you receive the most exact information on language is offered to you.

World languages – Interest in language and communication stretches far beyond English. Oxford Dictionaries.com publishes dictionaries more than in 40 languages, from modern European languages to classic languages, and also languages from around the world, including Arab, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Gujarat and Swahili. The related site www.bab.la expands further a global language briefcase with dictionaries on Netherlands, Finnish, Indonesian and other languages.

Global reach, local knowledge – Offices of the Oxford dictionaries are located around the world: in Great Britain and the USA, South Africa, Australia, India and Canada. Teams of the international experts control the recent language trends in English and other languages around the world from the moment of their emergence. Mission of Oxford Dictionaries.com consists in satisfying your language requirements. Investigate the Oxford Dictionaries and find the contents correct for you.

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