PLOS (Public Library of Science)

PLOS (Public Library of Science) is a nonprofit publisher and advocacy organization founded to accelerate progress in science and medicine by leading a transformation in research communication.

It launched its first journal, PLOS Biology,   in October 2003 and publishes seven journals, all peer reviewed,  as of April 2012. The organization is based in san Francisco, California,  and has a European editorial office in Cambridge, England.  

World’s largest Open Access journal – PLOS ONE continues to publish more articles than any other scholarly publication. More than 2 million scientists, scholars and clinicians visit PLOS every month – Readers peruse more than 120,000 high-quality articles for free

In 2014, PLOS published more than 33,000 articles; each one required participation from at least one of the 90,000+ contributors involved in the peer review process across the PLOS suite.

Web site PLOS (Public Library of Science):