East Literature

“East Literature” – a non-profit site that contains publications in Russian primary sources – annals, chronicles, memoirs, documents, and other descriptions of travel. The site contains the personal funds of enthusiasts. Handling the electronic library began in 2001.  

Russia’s largest electronic collection of systematic medieval historical sources of the East and the West. Sources systematized text searching is possible in alphabetical and chronological order, search for documents – on a geographical basis. Separate lists are tables and maps (maps have a collection of ancient Rus, medieval Europe and Byzantium).

Bibliography in some cases covered by the present. Bibliographies Russian historical periodical publications XIX-XX centuries, including pointers publications Archaeographic Commission, Compendium of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society, a collection of the Imperial Russian Historical Society publication ‘Middle Ages’ (from 1942 to present.) and others.

Web site “East Literature”: http://www.vostlit.info/